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Intrepid Bodyworks720-388-0439

Local Massage Deals 

We offer local massage deals at Intrepid Bodyworks for Westminster, Thornton and Northglenn. Our expertise falls in line with therapeutic massage therapy, medical massage, sports massage therapy, chair massage for the sake of relaxation and a pain free life.


We can address rehabilitation issues, structural problems, injuries, headaches and more. Call in now and allow us to assess your current situation. Everyone has different needs when it comes to massage and massage therapy. Let us assess and fix your unique issues with a customized massage session.


At Intrepid Bodyworks, we are constantly looking for ways to improve our customer experience. Stay up-to-date on our latest company news right here.


I have facebook pages for Intrepid Bodyworks.  I put short term offers and daily thoughts or information there but not here.  Please check FaceBook often for the most current information and deals.  I also post last minute openings that you can call to claim and get in sooner.


Look around the site and email or call me to get started!  I look forward to helping you and your friend's relieve your pain.


Intrepid Bodyworks: Therapeutic Massage!


If you are looking for a great local therapist to help decrease pain look no further.  I work hard to help you feel your best, decrease pain, or increase relaxation.  Each massage is customized to you and your with goals in mind.  If you want to make lasting changes or just forget about the world for a while that is what we will do.  I have over four years experiance and also worked with chiropractors, so I know the body and where to start looking to take away your pain!


Call or email me through this site and set your appointment up today.  Space is limited and appointments are needed!  Start feeling your best today!


Refer your friends to Intrepid Bodyworks and earn $10 off your next massage or ten free minutes.  This is earned when the referrals first session is complete and will be credited to your account.  Make sure they tell me you referred them on their first visit, that is the only way to get your time!  This offer can not be combined with other offers but you do not loose your referral bonus.  We can save it for the next time you come in and use it then!


If you would like to come in for an appointment all payment options are available including credit and debit cards, checks, PayPal, and cash.  Insurance is not accepted at this time however, I am looking into it and will let you know if it will be something that I can accept in the future.  Call for your appointment time today!

Where to Find Us:




Intrepid Bodyworks

Mariah Tritz

1761 E. 114th Place

Northglenn, CO 80233

By Appointment ONLY!



What's New



I am very excited to let everyone know that I am accepting Insurance of all types at this time.  I am working with Healthy Spine Chiropractic in Northglenn and am able to accept all forms of insurance with and through them.  If you have an HSA, FSA, or have been in an accident contact me and we can help!  

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