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Gift certificates are a great way to say thank you to someone.  Give the gift of massage to co-workers, employees, or loved ones to help them relax or reduce chronic pain.  Gift certificates can be purchased right here and sent to you or directly to the reciever. 


Please put the address were you wish the gift certificate sent to in the notes section.  You can also pick up your gift certificates in person during your next massage.  Click the link below for a 60, 90, or 120 minute massage gift certificate(s).

Hot Stone massage
90.00 USD

90 minute full body therapeutic hot stone massage will relax away tension and correct muscle issues. I use the stones to work and do not just set them on you for a while. It is a great use of heat to help you with many different concerns.

Therapeutic Massage

Are you looking for a short 30 minute focused massage or a long corrective or relaxing massage? Options are here for your purchase and can be mailed out as gift cards.

Therapeutic Massage
Massage Packages

Pre-pay for your massage hours and save! You can purchase 5 or 10 hours of massage to use when you want to. If it take three weeks or three years it doesn't matter, you've paid for the time and it is yours.

Massage Packages
Aroma Therapy

Adding a soft scent to your massage can increase relaxation, rejuvenate your muscles, or even help with allergies! Several options are available here with new additions being added as they come. Add a little something extra to your massage time.

Aroma Scents

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What's New

School is back in session!


Now it is time to take care of yourself!  You watched out for the kids all summer, drove them all over for their activities, and had to work most days as well.  Take a break for yourself to recharge and feel better.  You can't take care of the family if you don't take care of yourself!

Evening appointments are scheduling about two weeks out but daytime appointments can usually be booked in the same week.  I also have weekend availablity if that suits you better.  

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